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GCAC - Based on DDPOS consensus public chain

GCAC is a public chain based on DDPOS consensus mechanism. In the future, it will build a block chain ecology covering "global gold light luxury trading platform + mining alliance digital exchange + mining alliance digital bank".



GCAC profile

The public chain system of GCAC adopts advanced block chain technology to realize the application chain of gold and gold ornaments with real, right and price. We set the main netcom certificate (Token) for GCT (Golden Coin Token yellow gold assets number words add secret rights certificate), work more fair and open, distributed autonomous to achieve coordination, thus make the whole gold jewelry industry chain upstream and downstream units are fair cooperation, promote the assets on the luxury industry chain, light chain on luxury products business, the value of luxury goods.

GCAC features and advantages

Four characteristics
  • High-quality and scarce mineral resources, gold minerals and hetian jade are perfectly combined with the block chain pass-through economy. Asset-based pass-through has multiple attributes, such as value preservation and appreciation, safety and hedging, and convenient circulation.
  • With the continuous mining and acquisition of high-quality mineral resources by the international mining alliance foundation and the continuous reserve of high-quality gold and jade mines, the holding of GCT will usher in a huge appreciation space.
Four advantages

Perfect combination of asset - based GCT and GCP

02.Industry-wide vertical

Gold jewelry industry light luxury industry chain vertical field circulation

03.Block chain+

High quality minerals + light luxury consumption + block chain

04.Tech-oriented web application

O2O mall + block chain consumption application + gold jewelry entity supply chain

Technical framework

BOE technique

GCAC innovatively designed BOE technology, BlockchainOffloadEngine, which is a heterogeneous processing system, including BOE hardware, BOE firmware, and matching system software. This heterogeneous processing system achieves high performance and high concurrency computing acceleration by combining the serial ability of CPU and parallel processing ability of FPGA/ASIC chips.


In the gcac-based public chain, we use a consensus mechanism that combines the ProofofTime and Raft protocols to serve industry clients. From POW to POS to DDPOS. The essence of common knowledge mechanism is how to achieve the consistency of data through some algorithms in a distributed system.

Parallel chain

Parallel multi-main chain mechanism :GCAC can lead to multiple main chains, each of which is responsible for specialized business areas, independent and correlated with each other, and the coupling between the main chains is relatively less, so that the advantages of parallel processing can be brought into play, the process block, the introduction of storage strategy, the historical archiving of overdue data, and the improvement of system processing efficiency.

Flexible cross chain

Cross-chain technology consists of two parts: one is the interconnection between GCAC and the external chain, and GCAC and other chains are realized through a common intelligent contract, adapting the characteristics of other chains, asynchronous operation based on state machine, and completing the interaction with other chains. Another is interoperability between other chains based on the GCAC platform.


Based on the excellent open source Graphene technology, GCAC can directly inherit the mature architecture, performance and other technical advantages from Graphene. Graphene's key technical advantages include the ability to support 100,000TPS of transaction throughput, with an average transaction confirmation delay of up to a second.


GCAC introduces (Sharding) Sharding technology to support horizontal expansion and adopts Sharding technology combining network Sharding and transaction Sharding. Meanwhile, BaaS(blockblockasaservice) service is provided to provide developers with rich BaaSAPI, data transaction API and native API to develop blockchain applications.

Ecological applications

Mall supply chain management

Gcac-based supply chain finance can transfer the trust and endorsement of core enterprises to secondary, tertiary and even further level suppliers, so that the ecological chain system around the core enterprises can develop healthily. At the same time, financial institutions can also replay the historical data of relevant suppliers as a node to reduce financial risks and improve financial trust.

Traceability field

GCAC can be applied to the traceability of all kinds of items, mainly using the "chain" feature of block chain. Traceability includes food, product, luxury, jewelry and jade, etc. The asset code representing physical assets will be circulated in each link of the block chain to ensure that the traceable information cannot be tampered with and can be traced completely.

Lightning pay

The purpose of GCAC lightning network is to carry out the down chain transaction safely. In essence, it is a mechanism that USES the hashing time locking smart contract to safely carry out the 0 confirmation transaction. By setting up smart 'smart contract ', the down chain channel is improved so that users can carry out the 0 confirmation transaction on the lightning network. The GCAC lightning network represents an improvement in efficiency by adopting a more rational payment network architecture.

Block chain industry "ZARA", make personal luxury life.

The price is close to the people, the value is golden, the market is transparent.

Through value

Goldpass GCT is the gold asset equity certificate in the application chain of light luxury consumption, which is based on the physical assets of gold minerals and anchored by the physical value of gold mining.

Value of GCT = gold mining value + gold digital assets + consumption and application value

Through distribution

95 billion WAB tokens are locked in for 2 years (until q1/202-mainet lauching) and the current circulating supply is 5 billion WAB (we may partially lock the token to increase the value of WAB prior to major network release)

More access information

Full name:Golden Coin Token
English abbreviation:GCT
Issue number:constant issued 150 million
Trading credible

Transaction history records enter the block chain and are permanently stored. The transaction network is trusted by both parties at a low cost, which requires the network to be both reliable and private, while avoiding the intermediary problems such as data precipitation.

Incentive compatibility

The economic system design promotes the release of data by network nodes, the development of derivative value exploration function based on data, and the participation in the whole ecological development promotes the exploration of data value and the continuous decrease of exchange cost.

Support high concurrent transactions

It supports high-concurrency data exchange, the laboratory network environment can reach millions of levels, and the actual network environment can reach 39523TPS. It has become the future infrastructure for massive artificial intelligence, Internet of things and robots to carry out large-scale data collection, exchange, edge computing results exchange and other capabilities.


The international mining alliance foundation based on Singapore, radiation global high-quality mineral resources, through the digital assets bought gold and jade ore of property income, conduct joint block chain + mining, mining layout based on block chain technology through asset class certificate anchor for solid mineral resources, to achieve common mineral investment, everyone can make the mine goal. Hold a mining alliance pass GCT, you can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

  • Technical committee: mainly engaged in technology research and development, providing technical support around the entire ecology of the foundation;
  • Decision-making committee: mainly for the foundation and affiliated enterprises project decision-making and operation;
  • Audit committee: mainly responsible for project screening, review, risk control, etc.;
  • The fund management committee is mainly responsible for the optimization and management of the investment projects and funds of the foundation.
  • Marketing operations management committee: mainly increase external cooperation resources for the foundation and increase market influence;

GCAC development plan

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